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American Blue Bunnies are growing in popularity. Discover more about this heritage type.

Given that adding the American Blue Rabbits to our homestead, I have been contacted repetitively by individuals inquiring about acquiring rabbits from us. I assumed I would take a minute to address this inquiry that we are usually asked.

Regarding American Blue Rabbits (Also called American Blue & Whites).
The American Blue type mores than 100 years old and also was created in The golden state by a man named Mr. Lewis H. Salisbury. To create this breed, it is thought that several of what he used consisted of Blue Flemish Giants, Blue Viennas (currently extinct), Blue Beveren, as well as Blue Imperials (currently extinct.).

When this breed was first created, it was called the "German Blue," but after World War II there was a basic displeasure against Germans. Lots of family members changed their names (including my own) to seem much less German. My papa's side of the family utilized to be "Diehl" as well as came to be "Dahl." Likewise, the name of this rabbit breed was changed from German Blue to American Blue.

American Blue rabbits have a mandolin body shape. A mature male weighs in around 9-11 lbs as well as a fully grown women weighs in around 10-12 lbs.

The rabbits normally can be found in 2 shades: abundant, deep blue or albino white with red eyes. Rabbits who are born with a different color are called "sports" and are not considered to be good for keeping type standards. That said, even the sporting activities are cute. Among our does creates breed conventional sets-- blue/white. Another doe generates several of these color variant packages. They are great for all functions, meat, animals, and so on, yet we will not reproduce the "sporting activities.".

American Livestock Type Conservancy provides the American Blue rabbit type as "important low." The type bellarosetta ragdolls was almost extinct, yet is starting to gain appeal once again.

American Blue bunnies are an outstanding heritage type rabbit. They have beautiful soft hair, are a good sized bunny and suitable for meat manufacturing. However besides that, American Blue bunnies also have really friendly, accommodating personalities. They would certainly make great family pets! Every time I head out to our bunnies, each of them welcomes me. The young kits will certainly additionally pile up on one another to obtain closer to me as I feed and also water them ... and wait on me to damage their ears and rub their backs. They are an all-around exceptional bunny.

While we have bred these rabbits for a long time, and also marketed numerous of them, we no longer have plans to breed rabbits in the future. The rabbits that we have, will continue to live their best life right here at A Good Life Farm.

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